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Had a wonderful experience with Leslie today organizing my basement pottery studio. She was a force of nature! We spent 4 hours down there, and it flew by, and we pretty much accomplished exactly what I was hoping to. She found uses for objects I would have just gotten rid of, she helped me make decisions to let go of things I was struggling with. It was fun, and supportive, and productive, and at times firm, but in a good way, I needed it. 🙂 My space has so much more, well, space, and it feels more clear and purposeful. I highly recommend her!


Portland, Maine

Thank you for all your help!!! I see the light.  I’ve been wanting to hire and find someone like you for seriously – like 4-5 years!!  Sounds crazy, but I feel like I am moving in the right direction with my LIFE – not just cleaning my office.  I feel like I’m setting myself up for success in this next important phase of my career, life and motherhood.  So, thank you.  You are a big help.



Scarborough, Maine

April/May 2017

I would like to give a big two thumbs up for Leslie and Sanctuary Home Organizing! I had just moved in January and still had a garage that was floor to ceiling full of “stuff” and had lost my motivation.  With Leslie’s help and skills we sorted the treasures from the trash, created a Goodwill pile and reorganized boxes and Tupperware. She swept, cleaned, helped me take junk to the dump, reorganized at least 5 boxes of Christmas stuff into a couple and so much more! She also came prepared with markers, gloves, trash bags and extra lights. I am no longer stressed when opening up my garage. I highly recommend Leslie and Sanctuary Home Organizing!

J.C., Scarborough, Maine


Scarborough, Maine

I was at a point of paralysis. After spending months organizing a variety of extensive hobby materials and family archive photos, everything was stacked in multiple organized piles in different rooms – and I just ran out of gas. How was I going to now tackle the final phase of putting everything permanently and logically in place? It was overwhelming to me. I knew it was going to take months for me to conquer it all – hence my call to Sanctuary Home Organizing. I knew I needed assistance – so much so that I didn’t care if a professional came and saw the state of my home that I just couldn’t deal with anymore. It was a big step for me to recognize and accept that I needed help.

Leslie arrived and assessed what needed to be done and professionally and quickly guided me toward completion of goals. I truly appreciated her nonjudgmental attitude upon her arrival – she immediately put me at ease! I could not believe what we accomplished in the first session of our work together. She gave me homework and assignments between our subsequent sessions and we worked together as a team and organized in a few weeks what would have taken me months to accomplish on my own. Leslie has great ideas and suggestions for organizing items and she is skilled in displaying items of sentimental value in attractive ways. Leslie was also invaluable in helping ME to decide what I really wanted to keep in my home and what could be donated to others so that clutter would no longer be a source of angst in my home. It really is freeing to let go of possessions – less really is best when it comes to the appearance of my home.

Interestingly, bringing Leslie to my home kick-started a flurry of home improvements and purging throughout my home. Sanctuary Home Organizing (Leslie) was instrumental in helping me de-clutter and organize my home. I no longer look at piles of clutter and feel defeated. I LOVE my clean, organized home! It was money well spent. I am now going to enjoy my summer instead of plodding through months of work that would have been time-consuming and stressful for me.

I highly recommend Sanctuary Home Organizing and Leslie Girmscheid. Do yourself a huge favor and make that call – you won’t regret it!


Cape Elizabeth, ME