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Organizing Services For The Home

Your home should be your sanctuary, a refuge, a place of calm. If coming home makes you feel tired or irritated, clutter may be one reason. Decluttering and finding homes for the things you use and love can create the feeling of more space. Repurposing a room or redefining a space may allow you to stay in a home that you thought was too small. You may even find that you will fall in love with your home again.

I can help with the entire job or part. Closets, kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, offices/project rooms, basements, attics, and garages are all fair game. You may wish to focus on one space, learning techniques so that you can go on and do it yourself for other areas, or you may wish to have me work with you in several areas. If only organization is involved, some will want me to do it all–within their guidelines–while they do other things.

Kitchens and Pantries

The kitchen is the heart of the home and when it is cluttered and disorganized, it has a negative effect on the people living there. In fact, recent studies link a cluttered kitchen to stress eating. Together we can make your kitchen more functional and productive. If you would like to eat at home more but can never seem to “get it together,” I can help by arranging your pantry and making recommendations on what to keep stocked as well as show you how to develop meal plans and grocery lists.

Basements and Attics

These areas frequently become the catch-all for out of season or overflowing stuff. Often things are placed randomly with the intention of putting them in place later. The resulting disarray becomes a headache when you need something and have to search for it. In addition, you forget about items and they become outgrown or dated and could really be discarded. I can help you bring order to this jumble.


Your garage is supposed to store and protect your car and if large enough, outdoor equipment. Cars that are kept outside are not shielded from sun, rain, hail, snow, ice, salt, temperature extremes, sap, pollen, and bird excrement. Stuff that is stored in the garage is prone to getting more dusty and dirty, chewed on by critters, and can be a haven for pests. I can assist you in getting your car back in its rightful place and finding homes for the other things.

Offices and Project Areas

Some people are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to being the office, but many use the dining room table or have a desk tucked away. Unfortunately, it is too easy to lose track of bills, receipts, files, important papers, and gift cards if there is no system in place to keep track of these items. If these areas are also used for wrapping presents, children’s homework, crafts, and other hobbies, the clutter can be overwhelming. I can provide a more organized way to approach all the functions involved to make the space more functional.


If you have no room in your closets and have difficulty finding anything in them, you need me. If the contents are spilling out into the room, you definitely need me.

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Your home should be your sanctuary and, as a professional organizer, I can help you reclaim your space, your life and your sanity. If you are searching to put order into your life and regain control of your accumulated things, you have come to the right place.